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    Cydget is a flexible and powerful replacement system for WinterBoard Lock Widgets, allowing users to have multiple lockscreen displays active and to cycle between them.
    Developers and web designers can make “cydgets” using either native code or HTML with JavaScript and Cycript (a JavaScript superset that allows flexible access to Objective-C).

    Users configure Cydget using a reorderable list, similar to configuring WinterBoard: go to the “Settings” app and choose “Cydget” to activate, deactivate, and reorder cydgets.

    …but, unlike WinterBoard Themes, if you have multiple cydgets selected, they do not “stack” on top of each other: instead, you can cycle between them by pressing the home/menu button at the lockscreen.

    The Apple original lockscreen can be added to your rotation and is called “AwayView”. If you wish to have access to its features, including “double-tap home button for iPod controls”, you should leave this cydget in the rotation so you can switch to it.

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