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    CSources2 cydia tweak is a toggle Sources Manager.

    Add as many sources as you want.
    Disable/Enable or delete them.
    Add notes.
    Check if Source is active.
    Package details.

    I have added a couple backup methods. The main backup will allow iOS updates if you sync’d with iTunes or iCloud. If you change iOS or update/upgrade your device. Reinstall CSources2, and click restore. You can also email yourself or friends a copy of your list after backing up. Just select @ in the info page, select Contact, and change the send to address.

    Transition from CSources to CSources2:
    If CSources is installed, Backup before installing CSources2, this will allow transition.
    If CSources is un-installed, but you previously made a backup, & you wish to transition.
    Install CSources2. Before running CSources2 for the first time. Use iFile etc, Rename csources.list.backup to csources.list located in /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d.
    Transition, will convert the old csources.list. Unknown data will be added to the notes section of (SomeRepo).

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