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    Centralized and Customizable Quick Reply and Quick Compose System. For iPhone and iPad.


    • Easily extendable. All notifications related stuff and user interactions, such as tapping a banner or searching a contact, have been handled. Extensions only have to be responsible for providing data, sending messages and marking messages as read.
    • Themeable.
    • Extensions have separated preference panels organized together. Besides the built-in killswitch and passcode settings, extensions can also append simple custom settings using PreferenceLoader plist.
    • Optimized for some tweaks. Here is a list of what has been done.
      • IntelliScreenX: Reply, Read and Open action buttons added to eligible notifications in Notification Center.
      • LockInfo 5: Quick reply works in both sliding and tapping mode.
      • Ayra: Remove=Mark Read, Launch=Reply. The button titles are hard-coded into images so I can’t change them.
      • Velox: Quick reply works in folders.
      • Notification widget. Apps will only be showed when its extensions are ready to send a message. Swipe left and right to choose an app, then tap to compose.
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