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Corona 5.0.1 Untether

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    This package will allow your 5.0.1 device to reboot without requiring an external tool such as redsn0w.
    Note: there was a bug in version 1.0-1 of this package that caused `launchctl` to malfunction; this is fixed in 1.0-2. :(
    Version 1.0-5 can be installed on top of a redsn0w jailbreak to upgrade the untether (1.0-1 and 1.0-2 could not).

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    7 responses to “Corona 5.0.1 Untether”

    1. […] gejailbreakt hatte (so wie ich mit dem semi-tether), der kann ganz einfach mit dem Cydia-Tweak Corona 5.0.1 Untether (zu finden unter der in Cydia vorinstallierten Repo http://apt.saurik.com/) seinen tethered in […]

    2. TURTLE says:

      Hi all is there a 5.0 due to be relaesed?
      so i don`t have to upgrade to 5.0.1

    3. CydiaTweaks says:

      It will be released soon.

    4. Jay says:

      I cant find 1.0.3 is it on cydia?

    5. CydiaTweaks says:

      Yes, it is. But has this name: Corona 5.0.1 Untether.
      If you click it, 1.0-3 is the version.

    6. turtle says:

      is there a 5.0 to be released then? or sall i upgrade to 5.0.1
      Thanks for all the hard work done guys

    7. CydiaTweaks says:

      Upgrade to 5.0.1, but only if you don`t need unlock.

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