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If you have a problem with your device or you want to find out more about jailbreaking, please do not email us. We do not offer tech support and mostly, we covered in our website all about jailbreaking! Just use the search function or ask in the Questions section.


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6 responses to “Contact”

  1. nando says:

    mi farebbe piacere che mi informaste a mezzo e-mail!!

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Guys and Gails
    My 3GS is jail broke,thanks to Cydia and all the team.
    There is app/tweak to stop that squeak/squeal you get when you plug in the charge cable.I only get to play with my iphone late at night.When I have to plug in the iphone the squeal is enough to wake up my family.I had the app tweak and I did a up grade,now it is no where to be found.Can you reply to my email address.
    Can you help.

  3. Rick says:

    Hi there!
    I’d like to make a request/suggestion for a tweak if I may:
    With IOS 5 out there and a very few wanting to jailbreak for now, I thought it would nice to have a tweak that changes the toggle switch buttons from squared to round to look like IOS 5.

  4. Hadi Lyns says:

    my iPhone 6s IOS 9.3.3 JB,

    pangu english ver and impactor

    my cydia missing,how can i do?

    cydia eraser remove half stop,

    no reaction again.

    can you help me please?

    thank you.