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    Columba cydia tweak is a new messaging experience for all iOS devices.

    Choose between overhauling the default quick reply interface or by adding to it, key features include:

    • Windowed quick reply
    • Conversation history
    • Quick compose from anywhere
    • Message forwarding
    • Message scheduling
    • Message templates
    • And much more!

    Configure options from Settings.

    If you are installing this for the first time, your device will have to reboot afterwards. Otherwise, it will just respring.

    Categories: BigBoss, Paid Tweak, Tweaks

    One response to “Columba”

    1. Eddie Melendez says:

      This tweak look promising but make apps crash like crazy! You can even post on Twitter and on the IPad you can’t have it! It’s a shame and the Dev don’t even answer his twits!

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