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Classic Lock Cydget

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    Classic Lock Cydget cydia tweak is a Lock Screen Cydget that imitates the iOS 6 Lock Screen.

    It is currently available in German, English and French. If you want to see your own translation here, please contact me.
    To set up your language (and other settings in the future) just click at the area under the clock (try several times) and the settings will open.

    -How to set up-
    This package requires Saurik’s Cydget framework (and Winterboard) which you may have installed already. Once you have installed Cydget and ClassicLock, go to Settings->Cydget->Lock Cydget Order. Make sure “ClassicLock Cydget” is selected and set on top of the list. Respring now.
    Next, go to Winterboard->Select Themes. Make sure you have selected “ClassicLockCydget” and set it on top of the list. Respring again.
    Now you should see an old-school iOS 6-style Lockscreen, just like you loved it and will always love it, and Apple cant do anything against it :)

    -Known Bugs/Issues-
    +The Cydget does not display immediately -> I can’t fix this bug, your device/The Cydget framework just isn’t fast enough :/
    +If I press home nonce/once/twice the Classic Lock Cydget doesn’t show up -> Do you have other cydgets installed and activated? Try to deactivate them.
    +Sometimes, when I want to unlock my device, it does not react anymore -> I am working very hard to fix this bug, to continue respring via ssh (killall SpringBoard) or reboot your device.
    +There is an area over the slider where i am able to swipe away the complete lockscreen -> For now, see it as a feature, i will fix this in a later version.
    +There is a blinky light over the camera grabber -> Just see it as a compensation for the missing blinky effct ;). It will be fixed in V.3.x

    Configure options from Settings.

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