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    CirDock cydia tweak provides an all-new perspective on how the dock can look like and increases its functionality.

    The boring iOS dock is replaced with a rotatable carousel dock which is customisable in different ways allowing for multiple configurations and multiple ‘looks and feels’ for different users.


    • The ability to enable selected apps from within the settings pane
    • Selecting some of the enabled apps as favourite apps so that a smaller number of apps are visible which makes spotting that favourite app easier
    • Displaying all applications that have badges on them. This has one of two modes:
      • Only displaying the enabled applications that have badges on them
      • Displaying ALL the applications installed that have badges on them
    • Highlighting all running applications (either foremost or backgrounded) so that it is easy to spot running apps and terminate them using the app switcher if a running app shouldn’t be (note: messages app will almost always be running)
    • Choosing a highlighting color to customise the dock even further
    • Selecting one of the carousel layouts for the dock… the current layouts include: (if -In is appended to the end of the word, then an inverted layout of that layout is also available)
      • Linear
      • Rotary
      • Cylinder -In
      • Wheel -In
      • Cover Flow 1
      • Cover Flow 2
      • Time Machine -In
    • Long holding the dock to rotate between the display modes (default, favourite, badged), as well as enabling and disabling a certain display mode and rearranging the enabled display modes (default mode cannot be disabled nor rearranged)
    • The ability to export the settings to a file, copy it over to another device or back it up, and then importing it later on to restore the settings or to change the settings on the new device
    • Resetting the settings to the default for a ‘fresh’ start
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