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Chrome Downloader Plus

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    Chrome Downloader Plus is a radical upgrade to Chrome Downloader. It encompasses all of the nifty features of the original download manager and extends them to deliver a powerful YouTube Videos Downloader as well.

    The user interface was completely revisited to give Chrome Downloader Plus a clean and sexy face-lift to comply and take advantage of iPad’s large display.

    The YouTube addition allows you to download YouTube videos and save them anywhere in your iDevice for later playback. You can then use the integrated facility to fully customise the Metadata and import the video or only the audio into various built-in supporting apps: Music App, Video App…

    Chrome Downloader Plus

    • Download YouTube videos for offline viewing.
    • Supports multiple video qualities: 144p up to 1080p.
    • Discreet sliding panel with quality options controlled by a touch of your finger.
    • Import supported Media (Audio/Video) to a wide range of destinations: Music Library, Video App, Podcasts App, Camera Roll, Mail App…
    • Large and beautiful Retina icons fully adaptable to iPhone and iPad display.
    • Freely modify your media’s Metadata with support to search for a specific album artwork.
    • Imported media is synced back to your computer’s iTunes library.
    • Enable or disable YouTube Downloader independently of the Download Manager
    • Supports both portrait and landscape device orientations.
    • A large and fully customisable list of supported file types.
    • Control the number of concurrent downloads in the queue.
    • Badge notification to denote number of downloads in progress.
    • Save downloads anywhere within the “mobile” directory (/var/mobile).
    • Receive notifications about completed downloads while Chrome is running in the background.
    • Works in Chrome’s Incognito mode.
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