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    ChangeAwake cydia tweak provides a simple and beautiful way to be notified about your music when your device is locked with the screen off. It does so by waking up the device when the playing track changes. This can be useful in any situation where one wants to know what the new track is without having to touch the device.

    An extensive range of options for customization are offered: including the ability to control screen fade-in times, fade-out times, wake intervals (the time at normal brightness), wake delays, whether or not waking is triggered on battery, on power, or when headphones are plugged in. The ability to snooze specific music players is also included. ChangeAwake also integrates with Activator-driven track changing; for instance, the device can now be woken up using a short-hold of the volume-up button to skip to the next track.

    Compatible with all music players. ChangeAwake is also compatible with AirPlay and with a number of popular lock-screen extensions including, but not limited to: ColorFlow, CustomCover, LockInfo and Forecast.

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