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Canopy for iOS 7

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    Canopy for iOS 7 cydia tweak adds many features to Safari.

    Canopy for iOS 7

    • Recently Closed Pages (the native implementation from the iPad, so it knows not to remember in Private mode, remembers the page’s back/forward history)
    • Option to prevent the navigation bar from hiding when scrolling
    • Long press on Bookmarks, History items and Reading List items to:
      • Copy the address
      • Add them directly to Reading List or Bookmarks
      • Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email, iMessage/SMS
    • Paste and Paste & Go inline in the address/search bar
    • Translate any page from the action/share menu
    • Open in Chrome added to the action/share menu
    • Add all open pages to Reading List or Bookmarks folder & Close all open pages
    • Open Safari settings by pressing the gear icon in the Pages View
    • Open Canopy settings by long pressing the gear icon in the Page View
    • Open Safari from Safari settings and Canopy Settings
    • Long press on the View Pages button to open a new page
    • Long press on the Bookmarks button to add current page to bookmarks or to reading list (option in settings)
    • Swipe Reading List items to reveal button to Mark Read or Unread
    • Insert search and address suggestion into their respective text fields without Going/Searching (like in Chrome)
    • Change Home screen web clip settings (fullscreen)

    Configure options from Settings.

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