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    This tweak allows you to set a timer in any place iOS camera dialog is used, like, Camera app, Facebook, Vk or mixi’s Upload a photo or video, etc, etc. along with a nice sound each second and a bit louder sound when there are just 2 seconds remaining so you know that you need to hurry up! :) This tweak works by simulating the camera key tap, so not only this can take photos, it also can start and stop video recording on time!
    Why not get it? After all, it is completely FREE!

    * Currently does not work on iPad.

    To take a timed photo:
    – Set up the timer with the timer icon.
    – The icon will stay pressed, this means timer is ready.
    – Press Photo shutter button to begin taking photos on timer.
    – Press the timer button again to disable the timer.

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