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    Simplify your cluttered lockscreen interface. Remove the ‘slide to unlock’ bar completely, and perfectly center the camera grabber on your devices lock bar. Pull the camera grabber up to unlock your device, tap the grabber to quickly launch the camera. CamTap provides you with the quickest and most intuitive way to control your device from lockscreen and camera.

    • repo out of date

      hi to all at cydia
      I tried the to enter the repo at the sources/edit screen.
      thanks for the reply but the repo is out of date:http://apt.modmyi.com/
      Silent ChargeThis removes the annoying charge sound on the ALL iOS Devices.
      Once installed, you need to activate this tweak via Winterboard.This app was great while I was able to us it.
      Does anyone know how to update it to the the ISO version 4.3.5
      thanks everyone.great site

    • אפליקציות לאייפון

      nice tweak

      • Tom

        I had the same problem,Try installing the repo from the cydia home page,go to more sources to install.The search for
        silent charge classics.Also look for my Tom on the under the activity listing.I was able fix.
        Good luck