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    4.x or higher
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    CameraWallpaper lets you use the device’s camera as your wallpaper! “See-thru” your SpringBoard, move around your phone while viewing/managing your icons having a real camera view as the background and, the best part, capture a photo at any time.

    You can pause the camera view whenever you like , to keep the image as a static background.

    A really cool menu has been added to let you control your SpringBoard’s camera. You can call it anytime by assigning an activator event.

    Use your live camera as your wallpaper.
    Take a picture anytime from SpringBoard.
    Innovative control menu, activator-enabled.
    Toggle between front and rear camera*
    Turn the torch on/off*
    Set flash mode (auto,force-on,force-off) when capturing photos*
    (* on devices that support it)
    Auto Focus
    Auto Exposure
    Auto WhiteBalance
    Pause-resume camera
    Auto-start modes
    Battery saving options
    Set video tranparency so you can see your wallpaper in the back.
    Set icons transparency.
    and more!

    No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app.

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