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    CallShortcut cydia tweak will let you call a person from the home screen as easy as you would open an app.

    You will no longer have to search through a lot contacts just to end up calling the same person over and over again.


    • Creates icon on the home screen
    • No alerts and confirmations to start call
    • Icon photo same as the contact’s photo
    • Choice if more than one number
    • Change the icon name format from the settings (name only, surname only, both, both with title, note, nickname…)

    To create a shortcut for a contact, all you need is to open the phone or contacts app and select ‘Add to Home Screen’ when viewing a person.

    CallShortcut doesn’t force you to keep each contact after you have created a shortcut for it in the home screen. This means that it is safe to create a shortcut in home screen and then delete the contact. It will still function and call that person.

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    One response to “CallShortcut”

    1. Jack says:

      Does anyone know if CallShortcut is compatible with ios 8?

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