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Call on GV Pro

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    Call on GV Pro cydia tweak allows you to seamlessly integrate Google Voice into iPhone Calling.
    Call on GV Pro is an improved (see below) Call on GV cydia tweak that integrates GV calling into iPhone.
    Call on GV (the old tweak) settings and history are used if they are available, but not the rules. Nevertheless, you should verify all settings (especially the default dialing mode).
    This tweak is tested and supported on multiple versions of iPhones (requires a cell service as the calls are made via the Carrier).
    It is likely not to work on iPods and iPads (as it needs the ability to make calls via Carrier) and hence not supported.
    On the other hand, this should work on any device on which the original Call on GV works.

    Call on GV Pro

    • New implementation of history substitution – has been working for a couple of weeks with no glitches.
    • New dial rule format – standardized phone number formats.
    • More error checking and context specific error messages (no “Returned NULL”)
    • Use of auto rules generated by SMS on GV if it is installed (needs V1.3-2 or later).

    After Installation:
    Call on GV Pro requires a Respring after installation or update. So, respiring your device before you do anything.

    How to setup Call on GV Pro

    1. Open Settings app and click on Call on GV Pro which should take you to Call on GV Pro settings
    2. Enter GV user name and password and validate them using the toggle
    3. Enter the iPhone Number provided by your carrier – mandatory for both Direct Dial and Call back dial options.
    4. Select default dial mode and select the Prompt Options if the dial mode is “Ask Before Dialing”.
    5. Set up dial rules in the Call on GV Pro Rules app, if needed.
    6. Select Auto Rules Dial Mode if you want rules generated by SMS on GV to be used. This guarantees that a preset dial mode is used for those contacts (unless overridden by manual rules managed via Call on GV Pro Rules app).
    7. Setup offline dialing information if you want to use Offline dialing mode.
    8. GV dialing is enabled, by default, for calls initiated outside the Mobile Phone app. You can disable it, if necessary, by using the toggle “Enable Omni GV”.
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