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Call on GV 8 (iOS 8)

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    Call on GV 8 (iOS 8) cydia tweak is a Cydia substrate extension to integrate calling via Google Voice into native Phone app. The extension also works when calls are made from outside the Phone app (for example, from a website). It may not work with other Cydia extensions like Call Bar.

    Call on GV supports:
    Three calling mechanisms (in addition to the default carrier calling):

    • Direct dial via a GV access number (requires carrier calling plan)
    • Offline dialing (requires carrier calling plan)
    • Callback (only mechanism that may be used without calling plan by using a VOIP callback number)

    This tweak is tested and supported on multiple versions of iPhones (only the callback calling method can be used without a cell service).

    It is likely not to work on iPods and iPads (as it modifies the Mobile Phone app) and hence not supported.


    Call on GV requires a RESPRING after installation or update. So, respring your device before you do anything.

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