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Call Enhancer

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    Call Enhancer cydia tweak allows you to hide Caller ID & Confirm to Call for Phone App.

    If you call someone with Call Enhancer enabled by tapping on the contact or a number, the phone app will launch as it would do normally, but instead of dialing the number directly, it will ask you first if you really want to call the number. From there you can either choose to call the number normally, or choose to suppress your number while calling.

    It also adds a second call button to the dialer in the Phone App, which allows you to call with suppressed phone number.

    You can customize both Call Anonymously buttons (the one in the dial tab and the one when you tap on a number (system wide)).

    Please note that the “Hide Caller ID” functionality internally works by adding a country-specific code in front of the number. Call Enhancer includes a list of the most common countries and their codes in the settings, where you should select your country. If your country is not included, you can enter the code (you can find it on google normally) by yourself there.

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