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CalendarX for Notification Center

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    It is a professinal calender manager for notification center. It allows you to define events both in Gregorian and hijri calender. There are 10 different event defining options. However, with the “General” option this defining becomes infinite. Every event is supported with various types of emoji icons so that you can see the defined event with its chosen emoji icon on the calender. The most amazing thing in this widget is that you don’t have to add each public holiday manually for four countries (United States, Turkey, Germany, France) on the calender. What you have to do is just enter your country then see the public holidays automatically. If your country is not in the list you can enter it manually. Another smart thing is alarm. When you enter alarm for an event it alerts you beforehand with the ringing tone you selected. The colour arranging button enables you see the defined event in any colour you wish. There is also anolog and digital clock option and analog clock colour is changable too.

    CalendarX for Notification Center

    • Showing month and weekday texts in your iPhone’s language
    • Different event types with icons
    • Different event color on calendar
    • Defining different public holidays
    • Defining more adjacent days in one event
    • Defining event based on working days, weekdays, weekends and all
    • Selectable starting day of the week
    • Showing the day order from right to left on hijri calendar
    • Hijri and gregorian calendar
    • Different UI Color options
    • Changable UI Font and size
    • Analog and digital clock
    • Home button to access the current date
    • Playing different ringtones for Alarm
    • Snooze
    • Different language options
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