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Caffeine 2

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    Caffeine 2 cydia tweak allows you to toggle device Autolocking via Activator.

    In this completely rewritten version of Caffeine, you get the old functionality of the tweak plus AppList integration… Which means, you can choose which apps have autolocking disabled.

    So you could either set a global autolock, or Caffeine 1, but the use of Caffeine 1 was very tiring, as everytime you was in that app you had to use it, then disable when you got out… And this same thing going further and further…

    So imagine you always want MobileTerminal to have autolocking disabled on it, as you might keep always executing long Terminal commands, so you can just head to Caffeine preferences on Settings.app and you can assign MobileTerminal to Caffeine: it will never autolock while on it (even if Caffeine is off via Activator), and as soon as you head back to SpringBoard or another app, if Caffeine is disabled via Activator and the app you are currently in has not Caffeine enabled, it will autolock normally.

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