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Bulletin Pro

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    5.x or higher
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    Bulletin Pro: Change the iOS Notification Center and Banners!
    Bulletin Pro allows you to change Notification Center and Banner Position and Size. And thats not all, it has a lot more functions!

    You can choose one of Banner modes for the Banner appearing:
    Top, Bottom, Bottom Left, Top Right, Top Left, Top Right Small, Bottom Right Smaller, Top Right Smallest, And More!

    Bulletin Pro also allows you to Disable/Enable Notification Center and Banner details:
    Title Label, Message Label, Attachment Label, Subtitle Label, Cell Title, Cell Message, App Icon, And More!

    Bulletin Pro also allows you to Disable Banner animation.


    • Change Position of the Banners
    • Change Animation of the Banners
    • Change Position of the Notification Center
    • Change Size of Notification Center
    • Change the Size of the Banner
    • Modify Notification Center and Banners
    • Disable StatusBar Double Height

    This tweak works on iPhone, but very soon it will have iPad support!

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