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    Alternative open-source user-space Bluetooth Stack
    The BTstack project aims at providing Bluetooth support on devices for which the OS either does not provide a Bluetooth Stack or where the existing stack is severely limited like the one the iPhone. For this, it implements a complete Bluetooth stack in user-space. To use BTstack on the iPhone, Apple’s Bluetooth must be turned off.

    BTstack reached version 0.1 and allows for multiple incoming and outgoing L2CAP connections and rudimentary RFCOMM connections. Although in an early stage, it supports Bluetooth Human Interface Devices via L2CAP (keyboard, WiiMote, etc.. ), the control of robots, and basic RFCOMM-based devices like standard GPS receivers, the ZeeMote JS-1 joystick, or a Bluetooth Chipcard reader.

    This package provides the BTdaemon, a background damon started on-demand by the system launch daemon and dynamic libraries for applications that want to use Bluetooth. With the help of the SpringBoardAccess extension, a red and horizontally flipped Bluetooth icon is shown in the status bar. It turns itself of when no application uses after 20 seconds.

    See More Info below for technical details.

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