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    Bridge is Cydia’s first stand-alone application that allows you to import music and videos straight to your media library; directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You don’t even need a PC or iTunes!
    Any media file that is located on your device or that you have received in an E-mail can be imported with Bridge. You can even download songs and videos from the Internet and import those!

    The import just takes a few seconds and imported songs will immediately show up in your Music application, imported videos will show up in the Videos app.

    Before a song or video is imported, you can set the Title, Artist, Album, Genre, and even Album cover image.

    Main features:

    • Import any song or video that is on your device into your media library
    • Import media from within other applications (Only apps that have a ‘Open in…’ option)
    • Download and import media from the Internet
    • Importing media is fast, taking only a few seconds
    • Preview songs and videos before importing them to your media library
    • Song information is set automatically and can be manually edited at any time
    • Set import type: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Video, Music Video, or TV-Show!

    Note: Podcasts will be transferred to your computer when syncing with iTunes. Songs and videos that have not been imported as a Podcast won’t be transferred to your computer and will simply stay on your device after syncing with iTunes.
    Check out ProTube to download videos from YouTube and import them using Bridge!

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