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    Bolt is a simple app that allows you to add songs and ringtones directly into your music app without iTunes

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    One response to “BoltApp”

    1. wendal says:

      This tweak adds a row up top but makes all of the other keys smaller and much
      harder to press. This would be alright, but autocorrect doesn’t work. Almost every word tries to correct itself to
      something completely random and misspelled and most of the text ends up underlined in red. Here is my
      communication with the developer:

      I configured the keyboard to a regular qwerty with symbols on the right
      side, but the autocorrect is going crazy. I tried both English and 5
      Row dictionaries and resprung, to
      no avail. How can I get this working? As it is set up, I can’t type
      anything. The phone thinks I’m spelling everything incorrectly.

      Yes, auto correction is not supported well, so I usually disable it.


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