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    BeSureBefore cydia tweak allows you to avoid proceed operations mistakenly.

    confirmation dialogs? what does it mean ?
    it means, that when you proceed some operations which my tweak support, you will get a warning alert to avoid proceed this operation mistakenly,

    How it works,
    active the app you like inside settings first.
    [ex] TweetBot
    if you want favourites a tweet within TweetBot 3,
    it will show you a dialogs which tell you if you are sure to proceed this operation or no.
    then if you click no it will do nothing, but if you clicked yes, it unlocks favourites button and you can favourite your tweet

    Compatbile apps

    • Facebook Messanger
    • TweetBot3
    • WhatsApp
    • MobileSMS
    • BBM
    • Instagram
    • Viber
    • Mail
    • Facetime
    • Phone
    • Skype

    Advanced Options,
    Sound ( sound alert when you get the dialog )
    Vibration ( vibrate your device when you get a message )

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