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Beep Beep

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    Beep Beep cydia tweak allows you to completely customize what happens when you plug in your device.

    With this tweak you can:

    • Enable/Disable the charging sound
    • Use your own custom charging sounds (See the tutorial in the preferences)
    • Enable/Disable the vibration when you plug in your device
    • Prevent the screen from turning on when you plug in your device

    Beep Beep also works on startup and on respring. For example, if you disable the charging sound, you will not hear it after each respring!

    Since the v2.0 of Beep Beep, you can create a package with some custom charging sounds and release it to the ModMyi repository. Just install this package and you will see the previously downloaded charging sound directly in the preferences of Beep Beep!

    You can download this package on the ModMyi repository (This will bring the iOS 6 charging sound)

    Configure options from settings

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