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    BackupAZ cydia tweak allows you to backup your iOS device.

    Why Use iTunes to backup your device when you have BackupAZ in your pocket ?

    This application can Backup all these data (at the moment):

    • Your Cydia sources
    • Your installed Cydia Packages
    • Your Tweaks’ settings and also your stock applications settings
    • Your account(s)
    • Your Contact list
    • Your Calendar event(s)
    • Your Notes
    • Your Safari Bookmark(s)
    • Your SMS and also their attachments
    • Your Voicemail(s)
    • Your Call history
    • Your springBoard settings (including Lockscreen and Homescreen Backgrounds, Icon state…)

    For the All in One buttons, wait until the alert called “All Preferences Safeguard/Restoration” is shown. This alert means that the process is finished. You’ll always have all the other alerts but please, wait until this one is shown before closing the app !

    BackupAZ store safeguard data under iTunes Safeguard location, but by security, I would advise you to backup these data on your PC (there are in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/BackupAZ). If you want to restore them after you’ve backuped them onto your PC, replace BackupAZ folder under same path, this is very important !

    NOTE: Generally, you simply have to close/reopen the app for the change to take effect but this is not systematic. Some apps require a reboot (Phone app for voicemails and Call history for example). So if you remark that a data is not restored, don’t swing your iPhone on the ground, the data is really restored ! Simply reboot your device or just Respring it (may be it will work but again it’s not systematic)

    NOTE 2: When you do a packages restoration, the app will automatically respiring your device.

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    1. Bill says:

      Please show a video on how to do it

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