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Auxo for iPad

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    Auxo for iPad has arrived! It’s time to re-imagine your iPad’s task switcher with this tailor-made incarnation of the popular iPhone tweak, Auxo.
    Apps in the multi-tasking tray will now display in the form of beautifully large and versatile card-like app previews. Easily remove apps by swiping down, or remove all apps with a tap and hold.
    The redesigned auxiliary page gives you instant access to system functions such as brightness, volume and playback controls, all in one view.
    Visible above the system controls is the media page, which displays a depth of information about the currently playing music such as titles, album artwork, and even track progress.
    Also above the system controls are a variety of settings shortcuts called toggles (made with Flipswitch), letting you enable and disable functions without needing to open the Settings.
    Slide on the top half of the auxiliary page to paginate between music info and toggles. Slide left on the bottom half to instantly get back to the apps.
    International users: Auxo supports over two dozen different languages!

    Designed & Mocked-up by Sentry
    Coded & Developed by Jack Willis

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