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    AutoMuter cydia tweak automatically mutes and also prevents you from accidentally unmuting your device, when there is an event in your calendar.

    If you have “iStudiez Pro” installed, it will also mute while you are in course or at exams.
    After the event the previous muting state is restored.

    In the settings app you can set:

    • a grace period which is added before and after an event/course/exam.
    • a muting methods from the settings app:
      • Mute Ringtone
      • Mute Ringtone and turn off vibration
      • Mute Ringtone, turn off vibration and enable “Do not Disturb” feature
    • the calendars to be ignored in the settings app.

    No new icon is added to your home screen.

    Configure options from Settings.

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    One response to “AutoMuter”

    1. menehune says:

      Does it support iOS 7.1.1?

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