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Australian BOM Siri Weather

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    Get Siri to give weather information from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology!

    Siri has some great features for checking the weather. However, Siri uses the yahoo weather service which is notoriously inaccurate for Australian weather compared to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Australian BOM Siri Weather is a tweak to get accurate Bureau of Meteorology weather information in response to Siri queries. Australian BOM Siri Weather is a companion to Australian BOM Weather+ which provides BOM weather information in the default iPhone weather app as well as in the Notification Center Weather Widget.

    Clicking on the BoM button in the Siri response shows detailed Weather observations, forecasts and animated weather radars in Safari. You can also configure which app runs when you click on the forecast description if you want to run something other than the default iPhone weather application.

    All weather information provided by Australian BOM Weather for the iPhone is copyright the Bureau of Meteorology.

    There are no new icons added to the homescreen. Configure options from the Settings app.

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