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    Assitive cydia tweak is a customisable always-on virtual home button just like “assistive touch”. Except way better!


    • Tap the button simulates home button
    • Double tap the button simulates .. double tap the home button
    • Triple tap locks the device
    • Hold opens up a four way panel, release on any button to execute that command.
    • Reassign what command goes where in each panel (see above)
    • The above thing integrates with any FlipSwitch toggles you may have installed.
    • Automatically fades out to not disturb you.
    • Adjust the size and colour of the button
    • Snap to edges, or don’t.

    This is a “lite” version of the tweak Assistive+ and it removes or limits some of the functionality. If you like this please consider buying the full version, Assistive+.

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