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    Integration with Spotify means you’re no longer limited to your own music library when you ask Siri to play music. You have full access to Spotify’s library of millions of songs right from Siri. This feature requires the Spotify app to be installed.

    AssistantLove includes integration with GPS apps so when you ask Siri for directions Siri will launch your turn by turn navigation system with the directions preloaded. Currently supports TomTom, Waze, MotionX-GPS, and Navigon.

    AssistantLove launches apps intelligently, so when you want to open “Battlefield 3” you can just ask it to open “Battlefield”. Adding aliases to your apps is easy also, so you can request to open “recipes” instead of saying “Epicurious”.

    Settings toggling has been added to turn on/off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, your phone’s Flashlight, and Mono Audio.

    All options are available under the AssistantLove menu in the Settings app.

    Many more features are planned and in progress. You can help choose what gets added next. Click on Feature Requests in the Settings menu to vote on what you want or suggest an idea!

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