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Ask To Send

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    3.x or higher
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    Ask before sending an SMS or Mail message. No more accidentally sent incomplete messages! Very likely this happened to you at least once. This tweak helps you avoiding that. If you tap the ‘Send’ button in Messages or Mail, it will display a confirmation dialog asking you if you really want to send the message. For Mail, it also has an option to remind you if you didn’t type in a subject.
    This tweak directly integrates into Messages and Mail, and is configurable via Preferences.
    Note to iRealSMS users: iRealSMS has its own option for sending confirmation, so use that instead. The AskToSend Mail confirmation feature is still working apart from that

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    4 responses to “Ask To Send”

    1. hjuvke says:


    2. Andrea says:

      How can I purchase this in the iTunes in the UK?

    3. CydiaTweaks says:

      It`s not an AppStore app, you can`t purchase it through iTunes.
      Jailbreak your phone and purchase it from Cydia,

    4. Tom says:

      Hi Cydia and Team

      I have my 3GS jailbroke on IOS 4.3.5. Is iTunes 10.5 compatible with my iPhone to up grade to this IOS version.
      thanks to everyone.

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