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Arise 2 (iOS 8+)

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    Arise 2 (iOS 8+) cydia tweak lets you customize alarms to fit your personal way of waking up well.

    It’s localized in 14 languages and seamlessly integrates with the native Clock app and Siri.

    Select a custom volume for each alarm: make the first one gentle and the next one loud to get you out of your bed.

    Annoyed of always hearing the same ringtone or getting used to it? Add multiple ringtones to an alarm: each time it fires you’ll hear a different one.

    To ease up an alarm Arise is able to add a smooth fade-in, which gradually increases the volume from 0 to your custom defined value.

    Or add a delay after which an alarm should be dismissed automatically for the extra bit of conveniency.

    Create a default profile and have it applied automatically when you create a new alarm in the clock app or Siri.

    Configure options from Settings.

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