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Application Plugin For iPrivacy

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    5.x or more
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    Protect your Application with iPrivacy in a intelligent way Not only just lock apps, but also more.

    Application Plugin For iPrivacy cydia tweak features

    • Passcode Lock on all apps or some specific apps in Home Screen , Notification Center,Switcher Bar.
    • -Hide some specific apps, using guest mode you don’t need to restart & respring your iPhone to make hidden effective.
    • Control the allowed application rated, you can keep you 17+ apps away from others.
    • Control the in-app purchases, prevent others from spending too much with in-app purchases on your device.
    • Fake crash on some specific apps. If you don’t want others to open some apps,and you don’t think password lock is a good way. So the Fake crash feature will meet you requirement:
      when launching a app you set to fake crash, the app will crash.
    • Clear app’s data. Knowing how much storage does a app use, and clear all the data with the iOS default delete action.
    • Prevent installing application.
    • Prevent uninstalling application.
    • Prevent moving application.
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