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App Sales

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    App Sales! Now that Apple has banned all other apps that connect to itunesconnect to get your sales data (except their own of course!), There are no more app store sales tracker apps out there. We hated using theirs, and was surprised that nobody had posted any of these kinds of apps here in Cydia yet… so we made our own and posted it ourselves! Our app downloads all of your sales stats, amounts made, quantity sold, all reviews for your apps, which countries they sold in, converts the foreign app sales to your currency using the current exchange rate, allows multiple logins, generate and distribute promo codes, imports, exports, view as CSV… basically you name it, it does it! Check out the screenshots below. There are many other screens as well, but we figured these would be enough to give you the general idea. If you have any suggestions for our next update, we’d love to hear them. Contact us at angryninjas.com

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