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App Activate

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    App Activate cydia tweak allows you to assign Activator actions to double tapping an app icon.
    Possible applications of App Activate include:

    • Double tap the Music icon to play or pause music.
    • Double tap the Mail icon to write an email.
    • Double tap the Messages icon to write a text.
    • Double tap the Facebook icon to compose a Facebook post.
    • Double tap the Twitter icon to compose a Tweet.
    • Double tap the Settings icon to launch SBSettings.

    When used with Ask Assistant App Activate can be used to:

    • Double tap the Maps icon to ask Siri to take you home.
    • Double tap the Phone icon to ask Siri to phone a favourite contact.
    • Double tap the Weather icon to ask Siri what the weather forecast is.
    • Double tap the Calendar icon to ask Siri what appointments you have today.
    • Double tap the Messages icon to ask Siri to write a message to a favourite contact.
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