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anyBadge Pro

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    anyBadge Pro cydia tweak allows you to change app badges to text, emoticons, numbers.

    Unlike anyBadge (the free version), anyBadge Pro works on ALL iOS application, user installed or stock iOS application, with the exception of the clock app since it is a live icon. This version also gives the ability to display custom badge notifications when alerts are received and disappear when they are viewed (how normal badges/notifications work). There is also an opposite setting that displays standard badge number when there are notifications and returns to your custom badge once viewed. You are able to assign some applications with “Custom Badge Alerts” and some with the opposite, “Return To Custom Badge” and they will all work simultaneously. Custom badges have a size limit of using ~5 letter words, ~2 emoticons, or ~5 numbers until further updates. Your custom badges and settings will survive resprings and reboots unlike the free version where all your badges are removed instantly when any notification is received leaving you to start the process over and over again.

    Toggle either “Custom Badge Alerts” or “return To Custom Badge” in the settings. Launch any app to begin editing your custom badge and press Enter. Turn the switches back off in Settings>anyBadge to stop displaying the editor when launching an app. If you want no badge at all for an app, launch the app with “Custom Badge Alerts” toggled on, leave blank and press enter. If you want a certain app’s badge working like normal again, launch your app with “Return to Custom Badge”,leave blank and press enter, than respring your device. There is also one last option “Lock All Badges” which locks ALL of your badges (even unmodified ones) to their current state.

    Configure options from Settings.

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