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Anti Theft

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    iOS Version
    3.x or more
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    Anti Theft will help you protect your iPhone or iPod from thieves.
    Setup your master password and select between Motion, Pocket or Power Modes…
    On each mode “Anti Theft App” will play alarm sound and will automatically save 5 pictures using the front facing camera.
    The alarm sound will stay on even if you exit or completely close the app.
    in order to stop the alarm or disable protection you must enter your password.

    Motion Detector :
    Place your device on a surface and click the Motion Detector” button. Even a slightly movement will trigger the alarm.

    Pocket or Bag Detector :
    Click the Pocket button and place your device in your pocket or a bag, pulling out the device will trigger the alarm.

    Power Detector:
    Connect your device to a Power source / Computer and click the Power button, Disconnecting the cable will trigger the alarm.

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