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    Animate the icons of your dock simply launching an application.
    With this tweak you will able to animate the icons of your dock simply launching an application.Any new icon will added to your home,only a section in Settings to manage the tweak option. From Settings you can set the effect you want: -Scale 0.5 -Scale 0.6 -Scale 0.7 -Scale 0.9 -Scale 1(Default) -Scale 1.05 -Horizontal rectangle -Vertical rectangle -Rotation left 180 -Rotation left 90 -Rotation right 180 -Rotation right 90 -Zoom out and zoom in reversed The animation duration: -0.75 -1 -1.5 -2 -2.5 -3 -3.5 -4 -4.5 -5 Dock elements: -Hide Reflection -Hide Label -Hide Badges

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