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Addial for iOS 7

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    Addial for iOS 7 cydia tweak brings quick dial/add number from Control Center.

    The primary reason to buy an iPhone is the phone. Most of us make use of this service many times a day – but Apple has limited the functionalities of the phone app within the app itself. What if you want to quickly dial a number while playing a game? What if you want to quickly add someone to your contacts without having to switch to another app? What if you want to call your girlfriend instantly after you saw her latest snapchat? It’s all not possible without Addial. When Addial was released for iOS 6, it was really liked by many users – because it didn’t do anything groundbreaking but it extended the ability of the phone app – the most important app on your iPhone. This is why I decided to re-design Addial specifically for iOS 7, and here it is.

    It’s a simple CC widget with a beautiful 3 button layout that lets you add, dial and call contacts instantly.

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