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    ActiveDock cydia tweak is an extraordinary native dock system that takes iOS’s dock system to a whole new height. Apple’s iOS dock, throughout the years, has served its purpose to keeping specific important applications in front of you as you scroll through your home screen. With ActiveDock, it goes beyond that with fast and smooth bounce animations, beautiful light indicators, new native stylized dock and so much more.

    ActiveDock notifies you when:

    • an application is launched in the background
    • an application is being launched
    • there are unread notifications (sms, emails, calls etc.)

    How does ActiveDock notify us:

    • with beautiful light indicators below opened icons
    • by using native bouncing animation—it looks and feels perfect!

    How can ActiveDock benefit us:

    • never forget to reply to a message, return a call etc.
    • always know what apps are truly running in the background
    • it just looks better

    The possibilities on how to use ActiveDock are endless.

    Configure options from Settings app

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