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Activate Link

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    Activate Link is a simple tweak that lets you open URLs using Activator events. Activate Link supports Web URLs as well as System URL Schemes.

    This tweak lets you set up to five URLs that can be opened with Activator events such as tapping the status bar, double tapping the sleep button or triple tapping the home button.

    Active Link


    • Open a favorite web page in safari.
    • Get maps to take you to a favorite location (e.g. http://maps.apple.com/?q=1060+West+Addison,Chicago for apple maps or comgooglemaps://?daddr=10+Downing+Street,London for google maps).
    • Open a favorite TV show in imdb (e.g. imdb:///title/tt0944947/).
    • Compose a tweet in your preferred Twitter client that supports URL schemes.
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