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    ActiSearch makes searching your favourite websites and applications much easier on your iOS Device hence helping you save time. ActiSearch is not a single tweak, but a set of tweaks combined together to form an amazing tweak. In short, ActiSearch helps you search your favourite sites using an Activator gesture of your choice.

    There are now two sections in ActiSearch, one which will allow you to search specific websites and another which will let you search specific apps using an Activator gesture. ActiSearch is now also compatible with BrowserChooser and works with the browser you select instead of Safari :)


    • About.me
    • Amazon.com
    • AppAdvice.com
    • Ask.com
    • Baidu.com
    • Bing.com
    • Cydia
    • DuckDuckGo.com
    • eBay.com
    • Engadget.com
    • FaceBook.com
    • GitHub.com
    • Google.com
    • Pinterest.com
    • Reddit.com
    • SOSO.com
    • Twitter.com
    • Wikipedia.com
    • Yahoo.com
    • YouTube.com

    Please note unlike others Cydia will open the App instead of opening with Safari.

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