About BCT

First time I heard a phone with no buttons (lol, that`s how I remember it) and a touchscreen will be released, I knew that I need to own one.

My first iPhone was a 3GS. I got it as a gift and I swore to myself that I will never pay more than $100 on a phone. It`s stupid!. Since then, I did that more than enough.

Julian from BCT actually lives in Bucharest, Romania. In case you don`t know where Romania is, you will find out that my country is in Southeastern Europe. We have Dracula!

Despite the fact that the minimum wage / month in Romania is almost $250, the iPhone is getting really popular around here and you can see it all around the streets.

I just wanted to give you a better understanding of how and why I started this project.

My first iPhone was locked on a Spain network – Movistar, and since I live in Romania, I had to unlock it somehow. So the first thing I did when I opened my iPhone: jailbreak it.

I had no idea what jailbreaking is, what firmware is my iPhone running on or if the iPhone could be unlocked to work on my Romanian carrier, but somehow I did it.

For the old timers, I used blackra1n from Geohot and ultrasn0w to unlock my carrier from Cydia.

I had no idea about iOS (back then, it was called iPhone OS), but I felt in love with it!

So after a few more years of jailbreaking and getting used to iPhones, I felt the need to keep a track of all the great cydia tweaks that are being released. This website was founded in March 2012.

All the cydia tweaks that I am listing here are published manually. This website is maintained and updated by only one person, for more than 3 years now.

Other Projects

During the years, I launched more websites and some cydia themes that you might want to check out:


Best Cydia Themes is your ultimate source for the greatest iphone themes you can find online. We have both paid cydia themes and free cydia themes available.

Cydia Changes brings you an easy way to find all new and updated cydia tweaks, just as they pop up to cydia.

Cydia Themes

Price: $1.99 / Free upgrade if you already purchased myrea and want myrea Plus

Price: $0.99

Price: $2.00 / Free download of any of the themes if you purchased one

Price: $1.99 / Free download of any of the themes if you purchased one

Price: $1.50

Price: $0.99

Price: $1.99

Price: Free

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