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    A Security product which can Avoid Disturbing, Protect Privacy & Clean System.
    360 Mobile SafeGuard provides SMS/Calls firewall, Privacy Protecting, System Cleaning and some other helpful security functions. It enables you to block calls and SMS when you don’t wanna be disturbed. Also if you want some private contacts’s calls and sms don’t apear in your communication records, you can just set them as your private contacts. System clean will help you to close process, clean trash files and release RAM.

    360 cydia tweak features

    • Block the spam messages and harassing calls intelligently
    • Prevent privacy from leaking and protect privacy
    • One-key cleaning to accelerate your iPhone
    • Anti-theft function and provide clues to find back your lost iPhone
    • Network-flow monitor and speed test
    • Battery saving management makes you in charge of battery status at any time
    • Back up address-book safely, support cross-platform recovery
    • Attributions of incoming calls and yellow-pages
    • Brand-new interface, refreshing style, more convenient operation
    • Convenient operation area in notification zone, one-key adjust system status
    • Uninstallation by a long-press, operate simply
    • Newly add spam messages report function.
    • Cloud block
    • Customize background and operator name.
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